Meet with Preston Weekes

Hello, and thank you for coming to book a meeting with me. I look forward to helping you in any way possible. Its my mission to build entrepreneurship and business in the world because I believe it is the driver of progression and innovation. That is why I created Posting Parties. When we meet we will see what we can create in the world together. I hope I can assist you in your vision.

Pura Vida, Preston

What is Posting Parties?

We are a community of people trying to connect on LinkedIn to personally grow our business and meet other business owners.

We host meetings daily where you can collaborate on the timing of your social media posts with others on LinkedIn to boost your LinkedIn exposure anywhere from 500% to 5000%

This is a proven method. You can even do it on your own. We just do all the hard work for you to get the people together at the same time over and over again.

Use this time to create meaningful engagement, and it will help you grow your business. We have seen it happen countless times.

We look forward to Liking, Connecting, and Sharing your thoughts in the future!

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