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What is Posting Parties?

Posting Parties is a tool, community, and training combined together, focused on LinkedIn growth and creating value in your business through posting on LinkedIn

Do I need LinkedIn® Sales Navigator?

No premium membership is required. You can use any basic LinkedIn account and still get full value from your participation in posting parties.....

How long does it take?

We designed Posting Parties to Help you finish effective social media posting in 60min or less.

How do I cancel my membership with Posting Parties?

Text us at 602-922-1118 and let us know you would like to cancel your membership. On of our service reps will take care of that for you. Your membership will be cancelled at the time of messaging us, and you will not be charged later. If fees are incurred after the cancellation text, we will refund them if they were not incurred before cancellation. We have 100% customer satisfaction!

Is there a limit to my commissions from Posting Parties' Ambassador Partner Program?

No all commissions are residual for the remainder of the contract of the customer with UNLIMITED payout possibilities.

How Do I access the member training portal?

At the top right of the main homepage at you will see a "Member Portal" button. Type the name and password to the account that you registered with. If you are not a member yet, go through the checkout at and you will be emailed your login credentials.

I joined and cant find my login.

We sent you an email when you joined. There is a chance it is in your email spam or Junk inbox. Please go to your email inbox and check for emails including the words "PostingParties" and let us know if you have any questions. You can text us at 602-922-1118

Done Partying?

If you would like to end your membership and leave the Posting Parties community, click below.

Your friends on LinkedIn will miss you!

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